In 2016 the birthplace of TOUR's grandmother in the small town of Zutendaal (Belgium) would be demolished. Once the epicentre of the village as a blacksmith and a cafe, the house had to make place for yet another ambitious housing project. Inspired by the famous New Orleans jazz funerals and the European fanfare tradition, TOUR made 10 songs describing the life of his grandmother, the house and the village. An ode to his grandmother (who died 10 years earlier) and a soundtrack to the demolition and burial of the house. A celebration of life and death.
Together with a 14 piece brass band (The Kroensel Krewe) and producer Micha Volders (Blurred Seasons, Meteor Musik, Fence) the songs were recorded live in the house and in one day, on June 4th 2016.
The Kroensel Krewe, from left to right: Lesley Troquet-Wouters (wash drum, vocals), Gert Stinckens (vocal, percussion), Loes Gerits (vocals, glockenspiel), Harald Vanherf (vocals, percussion), Dienne Bogaerts (vocals, glockenspiel), Tjeu Martens (trumpet), Zander Dreesen (trombone), TOUR (vocals, ukulele, guitar), Jo Ieven(trumpet), Kristof Huskens (souzaphone), Bert Hornikx (snare drum, percussion), Niels Hendrix (vocals), Terry Bekx (bass drum).
The album was presented as a jazz funeral at the house on November 20th 2016. Joined by the audience, the band walked to the village cafe in a musical parade, carrying a shrine version of the house. In the cafe the second part of the set was played.
Picture © Toon Otterdijk.
Picture © Frank Croes, see full set here.
The album was released as vinyl on Fons Records and as digital on Bandcamp on November 20th 2016.

Recorded live in the Blacksmith's Forge, Sweet Valley, Belgium on June 4th 2016. Produced by Micha Volders. Released by FONS Records on November 25th 2016.
The song "Killesjaoi" came as a download only with the vinyl. It is sung in the local dialect (Zietendels) with close harmony vocals by Jos Cops and Armand Put and was also recorded in the house.
This project was made possible with the kind support of STROOM, C-mine Cultuurcentrum and Gemeente Zutendaal.
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