Paris Qui Dort
Paris Qui Dort is a 1924 French science fiction comedy silent feature film directed by René Clair. It was also released as Le rayon de la mort, The Crazy Ray, Paris Asleep and At 3:25. It is considered one of the first science fiction films. The movie tells the improbable tale of a genially looney scientist who utilizes a magic ray (an effect created with stop-motion photography) on the unsuspecting citizens of Paris. The ray causes its victims to freeze in bizarre and often embarrassing positions. Those not affected by the ray start looting in the city...

TOUR composed a soundtrack for the movie and performed the soundtrack live to the movie together with The Ambient Pulp Pioneers Ensemble, consisting of Dienne Bogaerts, Bert Hornikx, Martijn Pillards, Gert Stinckens, Tom Tritsmans and Micha Volders. The music is a combination of pop, musique concrète, weird electronics from exotic boxes and jazzy experiment.

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